REM to PX Converter

REM to PX Converter is a free online tool you can use to easily convert rem (root em) to px (pixel). Keep in mind that 1rem is equal to the root font-size, in other words, the font-size on <html> element.

The base refers to the value of your base font. It is a font-size assigned to <html> element's style. Most browsers' default is 16px. Read more about this below.

How to Use REM to PX Converter

Video Tutorial: Convert rem to px

REM to PX Conversion Table

0.0625rem 1px
0.125rem 2px
0.25rem 4px
0.5rem 8px
1rem 16px
2rem 32px
4rem 64px
12.5rem 200px
15.625rem 250px
18.75em 300px
20rem 320px
25rem 400px
30rem 480px
35.5rem 568px
37.5rem 600px
48rem 768px
50rem 800px
64rem 1024px
75rem 1200px
REM to PX Converter

How to Convert REM to PX

So given that the value of rem is relative on the root font-size. This means that if you assign 16px font-size on <html> on your css, like this one:
html { font-size: 16px }

This means that 1rem = 16px.

REM to PX Formula:

px = rem * root font-size