PT to PX Converter

PT to PX Converter is a free online tool you can use to convert points (pt) to pixels (px) effeciently. The computation is based on the unit conversions given by the World Wide Web Consortion (W3C).

PX to PT Conversion Table

0.75pt 1px
1.5pt 2px
4pt 5.33px
6pt 8px
7.5pt 10px
9pt 12px
10.5pt 14px
12pt 16px
13.5pt 18px
15pt 20px
18pt 24px
24pt 32px
48pt 64px
75pt 100px
150pt 200px
187.5pt 250px
225pt 300px
300pt 400px
450pt 600px
600pt 800px
675pt 900px
768pt 1024px
900pt 1200px
1200pt 1600px

How to Convert PT to PX

The World Wide Web Consortion gave no direct convertion of 1pt to px, and vice versa. But there are 2 unit conversion we can use to derive the conversion formula for pt to px.

According to W3C:

Let's format this into something simpler.

1inch = 72pt
1inch = 96px

In other words, if 1 inch is equal to 72 points and at the same time 1 inch is also equal to 96 points, this implies that 96px is equal to 72pt.

96px = 72pt

Base on the formula, we can say that the equivalent of 1px is (72pt / 96) .

1px = 72pt / 96

So, to convert pt to px, we just have to multiply pt value to (72pt / 96).

px = pt * ( 72pt / 96 )