EM to PX Converter

EM to PX Converter is a free online tool you can use to convert em to pixels (px). This way, you don't have to make the manual conversion yourself and you can focus more on what you do.

In em unit, the base is the value of its parent element's font-size. More information about this below.

How to Use EM to PX Converter

Video Tutorial: Convert em to px

EM to PX Conversion Table

So there are common measurements that web developers/designers are using. Like 1em for font-size or 25em for container width. Below are just few of the mostly used em sizes and it's px equivalent.

0.25em 4px
0.5em 8px
0.75em 12px
1em 16px
2em 32px
4em 64px
6.25em 100px
12.5em 200px
15.625em 250px
18.75em 300px
25em 400px
37.5em 600px
50em 800px
75em 1200px
EM to PX Converter

How to Convert EM to PX

Just get the parent's font size of your target element, then multiply your px value. That's how you get it's em equivalent.

EM to PX Formula:

px = em * font-size

How EM Works

Example: You have an markup wherein <section> element is a parent of <p> element.

        <p>how em works.</p>

When you assign a font-size on <section> element, automatically, that font-size will be equal to 1em of the <p> element.

    section {font-size: 16px}

This means that when I assign 2em font-size on <p> element, like this:

    p {font-size: 2em}

The size of <p> element will be 2x bigger.


<p>how em works.</p>